60th Reunion

80th Birthday Party - September 9, 2023

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Campbell classes of 1961 and 1962
held a 60th reunion
October 8, 2022.

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Remembrances Through the Years
60th Reunion Attendees

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Memoriam: Classmates who have passed away

Commencement Program from June, 1961 (PDF)

1961 Class Photos

Campbell High Graduation Photos -
From June, 1961

Del Mar High
Graduation Photos
From June, 1961

Large & Small

Fiftieth Reunion information and photos

Fortieth Reunion

Thirtieth Reunion -
Photo collages from 1991

Oct. 23, 2004
Photos from Campbell/Del Mar

Oct. 1, 2005
Tri-School Reunion with Camden, Campbell & Del Mar

May, 2006
45th Reunion Cruise - Del Mar and Campbell -
click to see photos

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Click for Photos of the Campbell High '61 55th reunion
50th Reunion Was Held October 1, 2011
50th Reunion Photos
70th Birthday Reunion held November 2, 2013 in Campbell, CA
70th Birthday Party Photos

Passings: In Memoriam ~ Classmates who have left us
Mr. Culp's Obituary

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Campbell High Class of '61

We were a privileged group. Life was offered to us as doors wide open with seemingly limitless possibilities. What have we done with those "open" doors? How has it affected our values, choices, families? Check out our "Online Reunion" for entries.



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* Please check these lists of "Lost" classmates from Campbell '61 and email us if you have information that might help locate them.

* Class of 1961 Senior Class Photos

* Campbell '61 Commencement Program from June 16, 1961 (pdf)

*Campbell High Hymn

*Poem...Memories of the Class of '61 by Robert M. Culp, Principal 1957 - 1968. Read by Mr. Culp at our 40th reunion.

* Memory Lane...Read this anonymous poem, contributed by one of our classmates.

*In Memory of classmates remembered

* History of Campbell High School on AbsoluteAstronomy Website

* Links of interest to Campbell classmates


Past Reunion Photos

*On Oct. 1, 2005 a mega Tri-School reunion: Camden, Campbell and Del Mar High Schools classes of '59, '60, '61 and '62, was held at the Campbell High School in Campbell, CA. on Oct. 1, 2005. Click for Photos. Turn up your sound and be ready to dance!

*Photos from Campbell/Del Mar "61 for '61" reunion held Oct. 23, 2004
(4 pages)

*Fortieth Reunion Photos from Oct. 2001

*Thirtieth Reunion - Photo collages from 1991

* May, 2006 - Reunion Cruise with Del Mar and Campbell Grads - click below for photos:

Del Mar and Campbell 45th Reunion Cruise - May, 2006

45th Reunion Cruise with Del Mar '61
45th Reunion
Formal Cruise Photo
with Del Mar and Campbell Grads

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