Del Mar High Class of '61 Graduation Photos

June, 1961

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delmar_ada-and delmar_and-bar delmar_bar-boz delmar_bre-cam delmar_car-col+zdo
Adams to Anderson Anderson to Barger Barnhart to Bozarth Brennan to Camper Carlino to Collins, Zdonek
delmar_col-dan delmar_eas-emm delmar_eri-dup delmar_eri-fla delmar_fly-gar
Colombo to Danelenko Eastman to Emmert Erich to Duprat Erickson to Flavetta Flynn to Gardner
delmar_gar-gra delmar_gra-hap delmar_har-hul delmar_hum-joh delmar_joh-kin
Gardner to Grassini Grayson to Happ Harris to Hult Humphreys to Johnson Johnson to King
delmar_kin-leo delmar_lev-mad delmar_man-mik delmar_min-nef delmar_nef-par
King to Leon Levitt to Madison Mannina to Mikelson Minarik to Neff Neff to Parker
delmar_pat-pos- delmar_pro-ros delmar_rub-sel delmar_ser-sne delmar_spe-tho
Paterniti to Posner Prows to Rossell Rubino to Sellitti Sereano to Sneed Spencer to Thompson
delmar_tho-van delmar_van-wil delmar_various1 delmar_various2 delmar_wil-wri+zum
Thompson to Van Cleave Vanderford to Wilson Yokum to Ulloa Krug to Ahern Williams to Wright, Zumwalt
Perry to Cassiday