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Vonnie Jacobson Katter
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Picture of Vonnie taken near the Campbell museum Nov. 06
What fun to read the autograph book. Can almost taste the tuna melt at the Sno-White, and the cherry coke at Spivey's. When I was PTA president in Pasadena for 3 years during the bussing experiment, I wondered, would anyone at Campbell Hi believe I'd be doing this? I was modeling at the time too, so Harper Valley PTA was written almost for me!!!! As it happened, my wonderful husband, Paul Katter of Minneapolis came to rescue me from myself and we were married in Pasadena where we lived for 10 years. I had met him on a family vacation at a lake in Mn the summer of '59 - VOLARE!! He traveled for a few years with the Katter Family Gospel quartet, cut some LPs (Remember Hi-fi?) and after 3 babies in 4 years, and other members marrying less willing people, the group broke up.Julie was born in 63, Tim in 65 and Dianna in 66. He began to market Meguiar's polish, finally buying out the Competition line in '73 with mail orders and shipping from our home in Reseda where we lived 10 years. Bible and Gospel music were center in our home and an opportunity to pastor a church in Encino took us out of Pasadena. Susi was born in '71, shortly after the LA earthquake, and Matt in '78. He took a job as millright at a Schlitz container plant in Chatsworth for nearly 5 years, but we had purchased 10 acres on the NW slope of Mt. Shasta and in 83 moved to Lake Shastina. There he developed a natural wood furniture business from the woods to the Beverly Hills Showrooms. A corral king-size bed for the Reagan Bel Air home, Arch. Design, Eye on America, Sty Stallone's Hawaiian home - thousands of cedar stump table bases and hand peeled pine chairs, sofas and other orders kept him busy for 15 years. I played piano for our Community Church and led the Shasteen youth group. We were in Santa Clara the summer of 99 as co-managers with Holiday Retirement Corp., and later in Redding where our daughters live for a couple of years. When Matt moved to Reno, he applied for a job driving the Tahoe Casino Express from the airport for 4 years. Loving the High Sierra (many backpacks, snowmobiling, etc) he took a job at the Power House at Kirkwood Ski Resort at 8500 ft. We offer free passes to anyone who emails me back. I work in the business office at Barton Hospital in S. Lake Tahoe where we will live 3 more years till I retire. It's like being 15 - not quite 18 yet!!. Hope to get to a reunion now that I'm closer to Campbell. Would love to hear from ANYONE of you. 530 543-1999,

Robert (Bob) Kreps
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After graduation, I spent a fabulous year living, working, and traveling in Europe, then returned to start college at SJS. Got some decent grades and a State scholarship to Stanford—graduated with a BA in Chinese in 1966. Entered the Air Force and spent the next 28 years primarily as an Intelligence officer. Highlights of that career included a 2-year tour in Taiwan (where I got to practice my Chinese), 4 years in Hawaii (tough duty!), a tour at the Pentagon, and a tour in Romania as the Defense/Air Attache just after the Romanian Revolution. That was the most interesting assignment of them all—I learned to speak Romanian and dealt at the highest levels of the Romanian Ministry of Defense to transition their military into a democratic society. Along the way, the Air Force sent me to the University of Arizona for an MA in Far Eastern History and to Harvard as an Adjunct Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government. I finished up my career with an assignment to NATO’s Southern Region at Naples, Italy as the Deputy for Intelligence, working the Bosnian/Serbian issue. I retired as a Colonel in 1994. I married Myrna Roseler while at Stanford and we had two children, Shannon and Sean. We divorced in 1989 and I married my current wonderful wife Jerilyn (Jerri) Doyle in 1990. She is also a retired Air Force Intelligence officer, although we never met while she was on active duty. After retiring from the Air Force, I worked as a Chinese philatelic expert for a couple of years, then as a banking software developer for about 4 years. I studied for and earned an MS in Information Technology from Barry University in 2002, the same year I was ordained a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church. I now work for St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church in Winter Park, Florida where I’m the facilities and technology manager as well as the Director of Stewardship and Development. Look forward to seeing all of you who attend the reunion.

Virginia (Stephens) Miller
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I was married in Dec 1960 (Robert Hill'57)and graduated with my 1961 class. Being married in high school was a bad thing in those days. Stupid is more like it! That marriage lasted for 13 years and I have one daughter from that marriage. I went on to college(s) and eventually got my degree from San Jose State, school of Social Work. After years of being a social worker, I took more classes and became an accountant. I married again in 1983 to Jim Miller an engineer (now retired). We moved to Zypher Cove, NV (Lake Tahoe)for several years and now live in Paris, KY for the past 10 years. I work in Lexington, KY as an accountant. My daughter lives in KY as well, she is a RN and runs a horse business. I have one granddaughter living in CA. I would love to hear from anyone, also if anyone knows where Linda French or Linda Gann are I would appreciate the information. 9/15/2005

Douglas R. Brendal
I was class of 63, attended Campbell Grammer and Cherry Lane. I am now living in

Fremont Ca. I'm retired. I thank my parents for raising me in Campbell and for all the wounderful times I had.

August 18, 2005.

Nate Jaeger
Nice page for all of you, hope you all enjoy the hard work. Maybe I'll bring the gang and put on a show at the Auditorium. I hear it's a performance center now. Maybe a benefit thing. It only holds about a thousand seats but that would be cozy, just like assembly day 1956.

Best Wishes,

Nate Jaeger, The Cambell Renegade!

John Robinson July 22, 2005
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OLD I live in Stockton, retired, living with my dog Toby and my cat Jennifer. I belong to a motorcycle club called POG MAHON. I spend most of my summers. on the delta with my friends who are all boaters.

I'd love to hear from anybody who knows me.


Helen Agathonos
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Hi after all these years! I am Helen Agathonos-Georgopoulou, Campbell High School '61, AFS exchange student from Greece who lived for a year with the B.W.Creighton family in Campbell. Lynne Creighton, my AFS sister graduated a year later.

I am married to Dr. Dimitris Georgopoulos, MD. and have two grown up sons from my first marriage, my younger son Aris Maroulis, a graduate of Vassar College and Wharton MBA program who lives with his wife Eugenia in New Jersey and both work in Manhattan; my oldest son Kostis Maroulis, after studying in the US (Middlebury College, Vermont) Paris (Univ. of Nanterre) and London (King's College, U. of London), made a great decision to come back and settle in the small island of Kea, in the Cyclades, on the family farm, doing all sort of interesting things. As you see, my AFS year made a tremendous inprint on me, who then wished my children to follow and discover the US.

I have done a career in Greece following studies in Greece and abroad; a PhD. Degree in Psychology at Birmingham University, UK, then worked as a researcher and clinician, Head of the Department of Family Relations at the Institute of Child Health, Athens. Most of my career I have devoted to the prevention of child maltreatment, in various ways. Have done a lot of international work, as President of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, and within Europe, as founder and executive council member of NGO's working for the promotion of children's position in the EU. I have retired in 2003 and since then I have been doing some freelance research work in EU funded projects on children's issues and have been enjoying living long periods of time on the island of Kea.

For those of you who like to travel or just travel on the web, you may look up our island on the web and also visit for some good ideas on leisure activities.

Needless to say that my family and I would be happy to meet any of the great 1961 class of Campbell High that may come this way of the world.

I have been keeping good contact with my AFS family since I left Campbell; have been visiting quite a lot, alone and with my children. Lynne lives in San Fransisco and John and his family live in Oakland. My AFS father passed away last year at age 92 years while Mom lives in a nursing home near Oakland and keeps her great spirit in spite of a very frail health. The Creightons, almost half a century later (it sounds so long!) are my AFS family, a very dear relationship throughout all these years and life's cycles we have been sharing in various ways.

I am thrilled with the prospect of a cruise with old classmates on board. I shall give it a serious thought and will reply by the August deadline.

My details are: Helen Agathonos-Georgopoulou, 3 Pandoras, Athens 14578, Greece. E-mail: Tel/fax in Athens: 0030-210-8134972, tel. on Kea island: 0030-2288-22086.

I do remember old classmates on the list. Let's see if they remember me!

With all my best wishes


Chuck Nelson
I am a graduate of '55 and am active in the CUHS Quarterly Luncheon for all graduating years. The event is held each quarter at Lou's Village in San Jose. Check out the RSVP sheet on this website. I can also be reached at 408-267-4623. Our December 2004 meeting hosted 190 graduates and we even had Mr. Frank Triena (age 91) directing our 26 voice choir that we formed. Great time! Try to attend.

Bob Bortnick on behalf of James Mazzeo
I'm trying to help James Mazzeo, class of 1962, locate his art teacher, John Quigley. Anyone know how to reach Mr. Quigley?

Pamela Gifford
Changes again. I have moved 6 miles away from Cromberg to an even smaller town. Spring Garden has 14 residents. I am living in a 150 year old house. I refer to it as a "campsite with a roof". The water comes directly out of the creek. I do not drink it. When it rains or the snow melts, the water is brown. In the spring I will begin building a new house up the mountain from here. My oldest son has property on the same road, so I will have family close by. This winter I am digging my firewood out of the snow and shoveling never ending snow. The stove in kitchen burns wood, as does the one I use for heat. Think I may be getting a little old for this self sufficient life style. If any classmates are up this way, please stop for a visit. I live in the red house in Spring Garden.

Robert Zumwalt
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Currently living in a town called Whispering Pines, NC...a town of 2,200 people! It is about 4 miles north of Pinehurst, NC. (and if you play golf, you know where that is!). Have been retired from IBM (37yrs!) for 3 yrs now and loving it... Married to Angela from UK for 5+ yrs, 2 sons(1968, 1971)and 3 grandchildren(2yr, 1yr, 2mo).Father died 8/25/04, Mom doing great at 90!

Love to hear from any folks who remember who I was!

September 13, 2004

Ted Romero
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College degree, divorced, one daughter, two grandchildren. Live in Los Gatos and had a business in Los Gatos for 15 years, and recently moved my business to downtown CAMPBELL, after all these years, talk about full circle!! House of Brass 296 E. Campbell Ave. Campbell CA 95008 (408) 866-5611

Nancy (White) Hutmacher

I live in Mesa AZ. I am married and have 4 children and 12 grandchildren. I worked at Signetics Corporation in Sunnyvale for 20 years. Then at Asupex Systems for 10 years. We moved to Arizona in 1998 and I am now working at Luce Information Services doing word processing.

Many good memories, please feel free to e-mail me at
Oct. 5, 2003

Carole Guio Allen
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I am so delighted to read about the other classmates, who have written something about their lives. My life, after CHS, took me to San Jose State, where I graduated with a BA in education. Upon graduation was drawn to a job with the Army in Germany and stayed there in program direction for 4 years. Had a wonderful time traveling, and just growing up. Taught school upon my return, in Milpitas. Some of my third graders came to my 50th birthday. It was a treat! I have continued on to get two masters degrees,(M.A.=More of Anything) the best one, in Career Development, where I have actually earned money as a counselor in the higher education and private industry fields. Married once and unfortunately, divorced in 1992. We lived in San Francisco for about 6 years in the Cow Hollow area. I worked at the San Francisco Theological Seminary here in Marin for 9 years until the money ran out for our program. Currently, my Mum (99) lives with me and I am her caregiver. She is very cute. I have a part time job (in Sausalito) so I can spend time with her. My brother, Jack,(class of '59) lives on the big island of Hawaii. He likes to use one of those sticks that hits balls on the grass into a hole. Some refer to it as golfing. As much as I loved the Santa Clara Valley, I love Marin even more. It is so beautiful and so near the water. I love Greenbrae, perhaps because green is my favorite color, but also because it is so convenient to freeway, ferry, etc. Come and visit sometime.

Sherri (Ritsch) Collins
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I recently moved to Mesa, Arizona where my brother and I built homes next door to one another. My father lives with me and we're still not sure if this is where we want to call home or not. We still have my father's home (and the one I grew up in) in Campbell. We come back and visit several times a year.

I was laid off last May where I worked as a Manager of Development Services in Curriculum Development for an online, web-based training company in Lafayette, CA. My other career was a sous chef and once I finish opening moving boxes, I will begin giving cooking classes in my home kitchen.

My phone number is (480) 634-4507. Email is I remember a lot of good times and good friends in high school and look forward to seeing everyone again, if at all possible, in August.

Pennie Johnson
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A sad Announcement...

Pennie Johnson passed away on Sept. 17, 2004 due to metastacized melanoma. A memorial service was held in her honor on Tuesday, Sept. 21 at St. Lucy's in Campbell. Donations may be made in honor of Pennie to: Heartland Hospice, 2005 De La Cruz Blvd, Suite 281, Santa Clara, CA 95050. tel:408.450.7850

We leave her entry for you to read, sent in by Pennie in Oct. 2003:

Hi Everyone! I am currently in Nevada City, California and will shortly, resume my travels and visit Bend, Oregon and Boise, Idaho to visit my nephew and his family and to relocate for now. I have been practicing home care physical therapy in Hawaii and most recently, in California. I have also been on staff with Werner Erhard of est in San Francisco and with Gurumayi Chidvilasananda in So. Fallsburg, New York. I am a student of all paths of self-realization - from Tibetan Buddhism to Vedanta.

Recently I visited Randy Hain in Walden, Colorado. He has had a most interesting life since his experience as a non-volunteer platoon leader in Vietnam. He related to me his profound love for his fellow non-volunteers and for Vietnam and her people. He went to India, after that experience, and studied meditation and yoga. He demonstrated for me, the full lotus. He then traveled twice around the world before working for Lockheed as a sheet metal worker. Prior to that time he wrote 100 pages of poetry and 200 pages of life experience. Mr. Tarr was one of his favorite teachers. He is now retired and hopes to visit California soon before relocating to New Mexico. He would love to hear from classmates - his address is: P.O.Box 761, Walden, Colorado 80480.

Cheryl (Bowen) Smutny
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My address: RR 5, Box 10 Gregory, SD 57533
Widowed and Retired - 33 years with Lockheed, Fifteen in Sunnyvale and 18 in Burbank/Palmdale.

Kyra (Lubeckis) Hubis
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Mr. Tarr and Mr. Mistlebrooke prepared me well for college! I went to SJSU and UCSF and began a career which gave me 10 yrs as an ICU head nurse at Valley Med. Center and 30 yrs. (yikes) teaching nursing at San Jose State and then Evergreen College. I am, happilly retired now and doing what most retirees do...volunteer. This retirement is great. I am a walker...9 miles at Quicksilver Mines park or the environs. If anyone out there wants a walking partner when the weather is suitable...let me know. Not too many people like marathon walks.

I am married to a cardiologist-turned- history teacher. He has two grown children and we have no grandchildren.

Rodger Miller
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I am now a retired dentist living on my ranch in Oregon. I lost Carol, my first wife to cancer. I am now married to Cleta a wonderful girl from Texas.

Katherine (Wood) Gray Dec. 3, 2002
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I came to southwest Missouri to attend a Christian college and earned a degree in Sacred Literature. Later I went back to school, earned an education degree and taught in elementary grades. My last work was teaching Language Arts in our local community college. Today I spend quite a bit of time with grandchildren. I have also published a genealogy book and will most likely publish a second one.

I am a pianist and did a lot of college work in music. I play piano and direct choir in church.

I married my husband in December 1965, Paul Gray, a '61 graduate from Sunnyvale High. We have four great children - Stephen, 35, is a County Prosecutor in eastern Missouri near the Mississippi R. He is married and has 2 beautiful sons. Suzanne, 32, is selling real estate in our town and going back to school to finish her degree. She has a wonderful daughter 14 and a son 5. Our 4 grandchildren are the lights in our life. Philip, 29, is the foreman in a local synthetic marble company. Jonathan, 28, just finished his Master's in Counseling in Denver. These two sons are not yet married.

My husband is a Christian minister and also a Master's level psychologist with a mental health center in SW Missouri. He pastors a church and also works with mental health clients. During our 37 yrs. we have also owned a large floral company with 11 greenhouses, full service garden center and retail floral company. We later owned an independent retail floral business.

I have never been able to come to one of our reunions because of the distance. But 3 yrs. ago my husband and I spent a week in Santa Cruz (it's still wonderful) and were sight-seeing in the area. Campbell High is still the beautiful building I remember. Someone is taking excellent care of the property.

In school I was in choir, honor choir at Berkeley, was part of the Bible club and helped produce the Prism, the publication of the Creative Writing class. I also participated in the musical "Babes in Arms."

Has anyone seen Pat Baumgardner or do you know where she is? I do not know her current last name.

Lastly, my twin brother, Ken Wood, was also a '61 graduate and was part of the Student Council. He lives in western New York and has been a minister for 39 years, 37 of them in New York. He has 3 children and 9 grandchildren.

And Yes, I also wish that high school today could be like it was in 1961. It was a peaceful time to grow up. We had a great school experience and many good teachers.

Steve Lyons
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After High school, I attended SJCC for a while and was drafted in 64, where I met my present wife Marianne in Germany.In 66 after getting out of the service I went to work at IBM in management, retiring with 27 years in 1993. Worked several other jobs in mangement until June of 1999 when we sold everything and retired on a small ranch down on the Central Coast.

sandy (rutledge) decker
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After graduation,entered San Jose Beauty College. Worked for 10 years as a hairdresser. Was married for 18 years, then divorced. Have two grown sons. Oldest is x-ray technician for El Camino Hospital, youngest is fire engineer for the Gilroy Fire Department. I have lived in Gilroy for 14 years, and work in Salinas for the Dept. of Corrections. Has anyone seen Ted Romero??

Craig Bradford
I graduated in the Class of '62. Leroy Ward and others mentioned that a combined reunion (say '60 through '64) might work. I now live in the Crescent City area, and Joe/Diane Falcone will move up here within a year or so. We're always in touch with Jeff Goodere, Dave Buck and other infamous members of our class. We might interested in supporting that kind of plan.

Don Perkins
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My wife, Phyllis, and I live in Loomis California (above Roseville - 5-min off Highway 80) Home 916-652-1184 / Cell - 916-417-8594. Give a call if your heading to Tahoe or Reno - A bottle of wine is alway ready!.

We have three children, Kim (36 - domestic engineer -2 grandkids) Sean 34 Moraga Firefighter - 2 grandkids), and Brett (3rd year college - future teacher)

Besides taking care of me and the grand kids, my wonderful and loving wife Phyllis is a certified Pilates Instructor and works out of our home studio.

After graduation I went right into bootcamp. I think we graduated on Friday and I was in San Diego Monday morning. The Navy was a great experince other than having to spend a total of 1-of-3 years underwater. Thats something you have to contend with when your on a nuclear sub! Well at least I got to see Cuba and Russia from a Periscope. After the Navy I landed a job with the Campbell Fire Department and then onto San Jose Fire where I retired as a Captain in 1994 with 28 years of service. Concurently with the Fire Service I began a side job as a Private Fire Investigator, which I still do today. I work for Insurance Companies and Law Firms providing Fire Origin and Cause Investigations, litgation support and expert witness testimony in trial. Today my company, Fire Cause Analysis, ( 25-35 fires a week throughout the Western US and the Pacific Rim. Recent case work had included fire investigations in Samoa, Mexico City, Alaska, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, and the large Santana Row fire in San Jose.

I don't know if I will retire (2nd time) soon or not but life has been good and I enjoy what I do. Please drop by if you have a chance! Take care and God bless all! Hope to see you at the 50th or maybe sooner! dp

Ron Bueckert
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I spent a year in and out of San Jose Junior College and then joined the Navy. I became an Electricians Mate and traveled the Pacific from China to Australia. I moved to Vancouver, Wa. in 1967. During the summer of 1969 I began my apprenticeship as a construction electrician and married my wife, Sandy. We lived in the Pacific northwest for 5 years during which we had three children. Later we moved to California and in 1975 I took some time off and built the family home in Petaluma. Sandy and I started our own electrical contracting business in 1978 which we ran until 2001 when we sold the business and the home (in 8 days!)and moved to Cottonwood, Arizona. We have been in Cottonwood 15 months and love it very much. To say hello and fill in the blanks please email me. I would love to hear from you--Ron

Elizabeth (Liz) Rice Rettke
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Up date from my life’s trails after high school graduation : Attended San Jose City College Got a job with I.B.M. as an assembler Met Stephen N. Rettke at work. Married Steve Aug. 15, 1965 Steve became a full time San Jose State College student. Civil Engineering. First child born : Aug. 18, 1971 / Polly Steve graduated with a Civil Engineering degree. We bought a home in the Almaden area. Steve got a job in Alaska, working on the building of the Alaska Oil Pipeline as a Civil Engineer. Second child born: Dec. 21, 1975 / Casey Stephen I quit working at IBM with a total of 13 years. By Dec. 18, 1977 the family moved to Eagle River Alaska. Our daughter is married with one child and our son lives in Boston. Both have college degrees. I love craft hobbies and just being a wife living in Alaska. Thanks to the people who made this web sight!!!!!

Kay (Acken)Dawson
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I am currently back in California after several years in the pacific northwest. I have two children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. I am currently single and living with my 86 year old mother.
I would love to find Lynette Bowers, Ann Gates, and Jeanie Van Rossem.

Marlene (Peterson) Caracalas

In August of '61, 2 months after graduating from Campbell High, I entered nurses training at San Jose Hospital School of Nursing. I graduated from SJH in 1965 and went on to receive a BSN from SJSU in 1980 and a Masters in Counseling from Santa Clara University in 1987. I worked in the nursing field until 1999 when I retired. Most of my career was spent at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose and as a Visiting Nurse with VNA. I married Terry Caracalas in 1963 and we have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren who live in Erie Colorado and Atlanta.
In 1995 my husband and I started a travel business, Caracalas Travel. In 2000 we moved from Los Gatos to Copperopolis (in the CA Gold Country) and live on a golf course, Saddle Creek, where we continue to operate our home based travel business.
My husband graduated from Sequoia High School in Redwood City in 1957. He was an exchange student from Greece with The American Field Service. AFS is the same organization that sponsored Helen Agathanos, our Campbell High class of 61 exchange student. In fact my husband attended school with Helen's brother in Greece. A question for Campbell High grads: Has anyone kept in touch with Helen and knows how to contact her in Greece? Does anyone know who her host family was in Campbell? I would love to see her sometime. We travel to Greece often and will be there again in September. Please email me if you know how to reach Helen.
One added footnote. I moved from Vancouver Canada in August of 1959 and started school that September at Campbell High. I remember how worried I was about attending a new High School, and in a different country at that, but I found that I loved the States and felt very welcome at Campbell High. Thanks to you all you Campbell High grads!

Dan Montgomery
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Dan & Bonnie Montgomery 6251 W. 74th Ave. Westminster, Colorado 80003 Home: 303-420-0588 Work: 303-430-2400 ext. 4205 Cell: 303-888-7922 Bonnie Fanara (Class of 1962) and I got married right after our graduation in 1961 and are celebrating our 41st anniversary. I've been a police officer for nearly 40 years now, and am currently the Chief of Police in Westminster, Colorado. Westminster is a suburb of Denver, located between Denver and Boulder, and has a population of 103,000. I got my AA Degree in 1971 from West Valley; my BS from Metropolitan State College in Denver in 1978, and my MS from the University of Colorado in 1982. Our daughter Lori and her husband Dave are the proud parents of our only granddaughter, Amanda, who is now 9. Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We'd love to hear from you all.

Mike DeVita
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Life's been good.I married in 1969 to Betti Dorian,a girl from Los Gatos. Graduated from San Jose State University, and have been teaching high school art/photo for 28 years. Have two children, Michelle, 26 and married; Matt, 23 graduating from Chico in May. We will be grandparents in August.My students think I'm crazy when I tell them how high school was four of the best year's of my life. It was a great time and place to grow up.

Joanne (Canright) Bergen
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February 8, 2002

My husband Larry (class of 60 - Del Mar) and I live on Bainbridge Island, in Washington state. We have lived here for 22 years. Previous to that we lived in Alaska for 11 years. I am now retired from the Federal Government after many years in business administration. At this time of my life I am enjoying children, grandchildren, my dad and step-mom, travel, skiing, my TR6, reading, and riding the rails behind steam trains, and adventures to come!

Click for a photo of Joanne with her TR

Pamela Gifford
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Hi from the northern Sierras. I have been living in the tiny town of Cromberg, population 140, for the past eleven years. Here I raise registered Pygora goats, keep chickens, a great garden and foster kids. I think the fostering is coming to an end. I want to concentrate on my art work. After high school I went to San Jose City College and got a degree in Dental Assisting. After raising my three children and being divorced I went back to school and got a degree in Drafting. Started a whole new career as a CAD designer at National Semiconductor. I left there to marry and move to this beautiful part of California.